Birth Vision: Obstacles, Seeds & Imagery

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My journey was no smooth sailing. As I reflect back on my first pregnancy, I can now see the obstacles I encountered as blessings. They were great Teachers of mine; planted along my path to awaken, test and encourage me to look deeper within, unearthing Inner Resources I needed to carry me through my Rite of Passage. Each obstacle challenged my Birth Vision, hopes and wishes, one after the other, like a domino-effect. Today I can smile, reminiscing in the beauty of the meanings, wisdom and teachings I have gathered.

What if instead of resisting each obstacle along our path, we welcomed them as divine interventions meant to dissolve old beliefs, illusions and naiveness that we hold power over our unfolding? This holding on and control is at the root of our fears and anxieties.

What if they were gentle reminders that the only power we do hold is within, in our capacity to greet each challenge on an intimate level, fully present and self-aware? Dropping our focus and awareness in our heart and body is the gateway to a soulful conscious journey along our path.

In a moment of peaceful serenity, feeling grounded in your body, ask yourself: What Inner Resource(s) do I need in this moment to get me through this journey?  

Each Inner Resource becomes a symbolic seed that you plant, cultivate and nurture within yourself.

As the roots grow and the flowers bloom, you begin embodying and integrating your Inner Resources who will assist you through the twists and turns, the challenges and obstacles along your path; teaching you much about yourself in time. Stay open to receiving the wisdom. Listen with your heart and soul, for it is its symbolic language.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.50.12 pmAlthough we have no predictable power over external circumstances, we can meet Spirit half way by taking responsibility for our journey and cultivating Inner Resources. Another, among many unique ways, is by empowering oneself with the knowledge and understanding of the birth culture we live in – leading one to awaken to the power of choice. The Birth “Planning” that precedes a Birth Vision is essential. Crucial, even. It should not be brushed off as useless or a waste of time. It is an educational tool that serves as a Sacred Map to your Birth Vision.

From it are born ideas, hopes and wishes. We begin to develop an understanding of our boundaries and where we stand strongly rooted in our beliefs and life philosophy. From this sense of clarity our Birth Vision begins to take shape, guiding us deeper in a world of imagination.

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Each breath, giving life to our Birth Vision.

Sinking deeper into our intention.

Enjoying our vision with all our senses.

Slowly morphing into a prayer – a mantra of the soul.

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Consciously engaging our imagination becomes a powerful tool for dissolving fears and anxieties around giving birth and the early days of motherhood. It soothes our body, allowing it to open and relax, easing into the life-changing initiation that awaits.

Nourish your soul with positive and empowering birth stories and messages that are in alignment with your Birth Vision. Soothe yourself by watching beautiful natural birth videos, morphing your blueprint into an image of strength and resilience – even if you do not intend to birth naturally. Soak it all in. Bask in the beauty of it all.

Once a sense of deep appreciation and gratitude washes over you, it is time to symbolically let go and release your “Birth Plan and Vision” in a way that is meaningful to you. The powerful act of surrendering and trusting that ‘What is meant to be will be’ will set in motion your initiation into motherhood.
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Sacred Circle: What Seeds of Inner Resources will you be cultivating along your Rite of Passage? 

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