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Welcome to Rise & Shine Journey


My name is Sanja Totic (pronounced Sanya Totich) and I am honoured to welcome you to my Sacred Circle.

I believe that transformation is a spiritual revolution of the Self. Your soul seeks to break free, to become and be seen. It’s a powerful expression of the soul!

My rite of passage into motherhood changed my life. There’s something truly mystical and powerful about connecting to your Feminine Spirit: trusting your inner wisdom and tapping into your power. I became enthralled in the belief that giving birth was going to be a deep spiritual experience and it did not deceive.

My transformation has taken me on a deep journey to the depths of my soul, one I’m still navigating through.

Along the way I have gone through a lot of healing, revelations, joy, bliss, reflections and all the emotions and feelings under the rainbow.

I surrendered to my death and rebirth, losing my sense of identity, and embarked on the path of self-discovery, guided by self-compassion and self-love.

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As a Mother, having my life reflected back at me, I knew I had to make some changes. It was my opportunity to search for my Northern Star, adjust my compass, and live life as I had always dreamed of, paving the way for my children. To gift them with the courage to follow their bliss and live their passions – what more could a mother wish for? But first I had to pave my own life path, living in alignment with my Truth.

This is what true transformation is about: fearlessly shedding the pieces that don’t belong – the old beliefs, habits, grudges and resentments that no longer serve you. It’s about reconnecting with your true nature and your wildest desires: your soul-purpose. Rebuilding yourself and your life around it. Forging your own path. No longer living someone else’s life. 


Think about it, who’s path are you really on?


Transformation is about staying true to your becoming, aligning yourself and your life with your stars: heart + mind + soul.

Your inner compass will forever have to be adjusted along the way, as you evolve continuously through life. You will get lost and wander but as long as you keep turning inward and reconnecting with yourself, you will know exactly what you need to do and where you need to turn.

Rise & Shine Journey is a Sacred Circle for healing and sharing, for growing and evolving and for becoming and integrating. Its vision and essence is about honouring transformation, crossing over that familiar edge and exploring our new spiritual potentials through creative expressions as Mothers.

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With love + light,



p.s. If you hear the whispers of your soul calling you to explore the depths of your becoming, I would be honoured to hold a safe and sacred space for you as you navigate through your rite of passage from pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. You can find the details over here.


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