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MY RITE OF PASSAGE into motherhood was transformational but I wasn’t prepared for it emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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I had invited this powerful force with open arms, knowing deep down inside me that pregnancy was sacred and that giving birth was meant to be a spiritual and mystical experience. But, I had nothing to prepare me for what was to unfold in the year that followed. It turned into a long and wild adventure, one I am still navigating through years later.

This powerful creative life source that we as women hold within our wombs, gives birth to our children and leaves us changed forever. Our pregnancies were transitioning us into a becoming, slowly giving birth to a mother.

Every rebirth follows a death, and deaths are meant to be grieved. I began consciously shedding the old that no longer served me:

my self-identity, the beliefs I carried and fought for, the life I had created for myself based on an illusion of who I thought I was, the dreams I was pursuing, the career I was building from a young age where I was thriving and felt in my environment, the friends I thought meant the world to me, fashion statements that no longer resonated with who I was becoming, old wounds that no longer seemed to carry its weight…

I was letting it all go, or more accurately, they were slipping away from me.

I could no longer hang on to them. They felt foreign and distant.

They no longer belonged to me. I was ready to let them go.

I surrendered.

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The year that follows your rite of passage might feel unsettling as you navigate through the changes.

On a spiritual level, you are going through a death and rebirth, from the Maiden to the Mother Archetype.

This shift is representative of our cyclical nature as women, following the rhythm and phases of the moon.

By developing a self-awareness of yourself and of the different aspects of Goddess Archetypes flowing through us, you will be able to accept life’s challenges, obstacles and surprises as they unfold – and learn not to resist and fight the wild emotions that arise. After all, we are cyclical, always evolving and shifting to the rhythm of the lunar phases (more on this subject in a future blog post).

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The Maiden Archetype represents purity, innocence of childhood and the youthful woman, who is all about magic, dreams, enchantment and new beginnings. She represents the waxing phase of the lunar cycle, as the moon changes from dark to full.

The Mother Archetype represents fertility, devotion, patience, is the life-giving and nurturing source, the abundance and growth, and the sexual and emotional side that is represented by the glowing full moon.

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You will feel The Maiden’s innocent and dream-like aspects come through during the lunar cycles that correspond to her. Each woman is different and you will learn to recognize her energy, connect and give her room to express herself. At each waxing phase in the following months, take note of your energy levels, your desires, thought patterns, urges, etc. You will start seeing a pattern take shape – this is your Maiden.

Our rites of passage into motherhood are beautiful blessings from the Feminine Spirit. Embrace the chaos taking place within you with open arms, as it leads you to boundless opportunities on the horizon. Allow yourself to be taken on a journey of self-discovery as you shed the old. It is a time of deep surrender.

With love + light,





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