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Kathleen Shannon is a badass Mother with style, co-owner of Braid Creative and host of the well-known and loved Being Boss, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs.

She, along with her team, are my personal magic makers and manifesters. You see, I stumbled upon Braid Creative seeking to turn my abstract vision and dreams into a reality. I was ready to break out of my shell and learn to use my creative wings to inspire and empower Mothers through their own rites of passage. Rise & Shine Journey was weaved together into a cohesive whole thanks to Braid Creative. Kathleen and her dream team listened attentively and grasped on every spoken word, paving the way for me to take flight and own who I was becoming. And what better way to launch than to invite among our Sacred Circle, the Mother that helped me birth my own dreams into reality, helping me create a brand that reflects my soul.

Welcome to our Sacred Circle, Kathleen – it is an honour to have you here!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, to the very first day you became aware of your pregnancy: Where were you? How did you find out? What thoughts and emotions overcame you?

Wow, if I’m being completely honest – the moment we DID IT (yeah, that’s what I’m talking about) I knew that I was bringing a baby into the world. I said a little prayer and went about my life. A few weeks later I was overcome with an intense feeling that the world was just too big. I couldn’t stop crying so my husband brought me a bar of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine. I was drinking my wine and noticed it had gone bad – it tasted like vinegar but my husband assured me it was good.  The next morning I took a pregnancy test and sure enough…

The sacredness of pregnancy is revealed to us in different ways, how did you tap into that truth?

Something interesting happened when I was pregnant – I found that I was able to sense danger more acutely. But I also found that as I physically grew my capacity for abundance was expanding as well. It was incredible. I also spent a lot of time meditating on my baby – sending him light and love and knowledge from my own body as he built his.

Embracing the transformative power of giving birth at home to your son, what did this magical experience teach you about yourself?

I learned so much during the process of labor and delivery – I’m not sure I learned much about myself but more about the world I live in. I suppose when it comes down to it the act of giving birth made me realize how lucky we all are to be alive. What a special opportunity to be human. Truly.

With a deeper purpose than we realize at the time, transitioning into early motherhood shakes our souls up and brings a lot of emotions and doubts to the surface. Looking back, what did you struggle with the most and what wisdom did it carry with it?

I always felt like I had a super power in being able to make confident decisions, but the sleep deprivation that came with a baby who wouldn’t sleep for more than 1.5 hours at a time for a year made me want to die. I’m still too close to it to see what good will come from it because as of right now I have nothing positive to say about sleep deprivation. I suppose though, it has given me new perspective and compassion for myself and other mommas who aren’t running on a full tank.

To make space for our becoming, initiated as Mothers, we have to let go of the things from our past that no longer serve us and create space for what the future holds. Reflecting back on your rite of passage, how did you experience your death and rebirth?

When I was giving birth to Fox I never thought “I need drugs!” but I did think “I need to die.” I wish that rite of passage ended there. I don’t feel like I was super graceful in Fox’s first year of life. I found myself becoming resentful and feeling as if I had ruined my life. I don’t think the sleep deprivation helped but every morning I feel a little more like the mother and a little less the maiden I once was.

Playing with the idea that motherhood is a spiritual practice, what self-care rituals and family rhythms do your days embody?

We love rituals and routines – from eating our meals together, to going on walks, to singing the same songs at bath time, to even the way I cuddle and smell my baby’s head every day. I feel like this first year has been more about just trying to survive and get through each day, but as Fox gets older I can’t wait to celebrate the seasons and teach him about the moon and the stars.

In closing the sacred circle, what advice would you give new Mothers who are just embarking on a journey through the sacredness of pregnancy, the transformative power of birth and the spiritual practice that is motherhood?

I suppose the thing that keeps me going is remembering that my son is not mine – he belongs to the world. I’m just here to show him how cool it is to be here. This reminds me to nourish not only him, but myself and my own passions and desires.

Thank you, Kathleen, for blessing our hearts and souls with your story.

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