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A REVELATION carries within it immense powers. Gifting you with a new way of Seeing, unravelling the Truth of your past.

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I was in search of meaning. Seeking a deeper connection with the Divine. Looking for answers, confused, wondering which road would lead me to bliss and clarity. I was filled with self-doubt and depended on those closest to me for guidance, happiness and a sense of satisfaction, which inevitably led to feelings of resentment. I was burdened by this desire to experience a life of purpose.

Being a mother at that time, I had been swept by the spiral of transformation. Trying to find myself, I knew that life as I knew it was gone. I was being called to trust my instincts and allow myself to be guided by my inner compass. I had glimpses of a vision that was seeking me but I didn’t know how and where I was going to summon the courage to embody it and bring it to life.

First, I had to find clarity.

And I found it in the form of a revelation.

Following my inner guidance, I felt compelled to attend a Family Constellation workshop:

Family Constellations are a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations” Berthold Ulsamer stated. “A Family Constellation is a three-dimensional group process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness.”

How could I resist? Little did I know, my life was about to shift in a profound way.

I sat quietly on my chair, on a beautiful summer day, surrounded by souls who had all dreamed this into being I was thinking to myself. We gathered together, in a sacred circle, acknowledging each other’s presence with our eyes and smiles. Some came by themselves, as I did, and others came together as couples and family members. I was intrigued.

With everyone seated, facing each other, you could feel a powerful force holding sacred space for us to begin our exploration. The piercing silence was broken by a question:

“What brings you here – without going in your Story?”

I watched and listened with my heart and soul to all the Truths being shared. And alas, it was my turn.

What I thought was a simple exercise proved to be wrong. I kept going into “my Story”. Stripping all emotions and delivering an impactful statement about my life – in just a few words – was much harder than I thought!

“Look at me in the eyes”, he said. “What is it that you truly want?”

And I blurred out without thinking and to my utter surprise:

“I just want to love myself”, with tears streaming down my cheeks.

And voilà. In that split second my life had shifted. I had been revealed a Truth buried deep within me that held the key to my happiness. This lack of self-love was the root cause to all my suffering.

If only I had loved myself enough…

With this new found clarity, I began healing old wounds and set forth on my own path of self-love, using my dreams and desires as guides.

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I share this story with you with the intention to empower you to make the changes necessary in your life today. Ask yourself, truly, sincerely…

If I loved myself enough, what would I change in my life?

May this open the door to an inner exploration of your deepest desires and dreams. Leading you to fall head over heals in love with yourself and your life. You are worthy.

With love + light,



Sacred Circle: Tell me, what will you change in your life? Leave me a comment with your powerful declaration!


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