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What feelings did that memory evoke in you? Where were you? What were you reading? How did you find this book? Or how did it find you?

Perhaps you felt a jolt of energy thinking about it, a rush of inspiration, a dose of enthusiasm?

You knew in that very moment in time that you were on the edge of a groundbreaking discovery that could only lead to change.

Time slows down. You are no longer part of this paradigm. Something has shifted. You can feel it. Your life has taken a new turn.

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I live for these moments. When your whole being resonates so deeply with what you have uncovered that you become immersed in new waters. Every word washes over you like a wave, as your thinking begins shapeshifting and morphing into new patterns. Such as the sand at the bottom of a dark blue sea.

The book I speak of, is the one and only Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth.

I was pregnant, in my second trimester – perhaps closer to my third with my first child – when I purchased it and eagerly awaited for its arrival at my door step. I had no idea what was about to unfold.

This book changed my life.

With each turning page, I became alive and filled with a new passion. Finally, I had stories of births that sparked a fire within me and resonated with my core. This powerful book fed me empowering and awe-inspiring stories of women who each had very different births – none of them more special than the other. Some women were laboring quickly; others were taking 3 full days to give birth! 

They were all just following their own rhythm. And it was all NORMAL.

With the right set of beliefs, a shift in mindset and a dream birth team – a woman could take her power back! 

This was to become my purpose, I had to get this message out into the world!

While I was reading the second part of the book – which contains a wealth of information on all the possible interventions and policies that hospitals follow – I was busy lecturing passionately my beloved, Alex. With a new woman emerging within me, leading me to awaken to my body’s innate power and wisdom, we had many Ooooohhhhs and Ahhhhhssss… rapid shifts were taking place within us! We were at a turning point in our lives.

“That’s it, we’re having a home birth!” I declared.

To be continued…

With love + light,



SACRED CIRCLE: As a bookworm, I’d love to hear what books – birth related or not – changed your lives and why? 


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